Letters to the Editor

Valenzuela’s deposition shows she ignores citizens

This past year Thurston County was found to have violated the civil rights of Maytown Sand and Gravel. The cost is $12 million, but insurance covers $10 million (still our tax money). The county is liable for $2 million of the funds, which it claims it does not have. So, in turn, more cuts will be needed to find the money the commissioners wasted. I read the deposition by Karen Valenzuela for the lawsuit.

During the questions, she admits she never thought of the consequences of her actions to the citizens of the county. She further goes against the county’s legal team and does not follow legal advice.

Valenzuela was elected to be our representative. By her own admission she is not doing that. She does not have our interests in mind. She, by her own admission in the deposition, has her environmentalist ideas ahead of county citizens. When your beliefs cause you to violate basic civil rights, you have failed to do your job.

The commissioners have destroyed this county. They have reduced sales tax income by forcing companies out of the county, thus making budget cuts. They forced Richie Brothers to take nearly $1 million a year in county sales tax to Lewis County. Now is the time we make a change. Vote for some commonsense and Bud Blake, who respect your civil rights.

Mike Brooks