Letters to the Editor

Proposition 1 helps us reduce climate impacts

Recent editorials and opinion pieces in The Olympian praised Pope Francis’ climate change encyclical and speech before the U.S. Congress. This encyclical, Laudato Si, points out the importance of wetlands and forests in mitigating climate impacts as well as the need to change consumption and use of fossil fuels. In reducing climate impacts we need to do two things:

1. Stop the bleeding – emitting carbon and methane into the atmosphere;

2. Sequester carbon in soils, trees and wetlands. This requires protecting what we now have in these resources and restoring these resources we have damaged and degraded through reforestation and wetland restorations and soil recovery.

One reason that Proposition 1, which funds an Olympian Metropolitan Park District, is so important is it allows our city to be a more active player in sequestering carbon and reducing climate impacts.

Not only does it provide recreation dollars but also funds to protect critical forested habitats and wetlands in urban wilds and provide walking and biking paths.