Letters to the Editor

Proposition 1 will create a beautiful legacy

Years ago, as a young mother with a toddler in hand and my grandmother in a wheelchair, we delighted in watching golden big leaf maple leaves settle to the ground at Priest Point Park. About a hundred years earlier, when Olympia was just a small cluster of frame houses, thoughtful folks conserved this land for a park. How thankful we are for their caring and foresight!

The balance between built and green happens when people envision, plan and act. For decades, Olympians poured work into planning for our city’s parks. Today, with a click of a button, one can read the current city parks plan with lofty goals and detailed needs, yet there is insufficient funding to make it happen. That will change with the passage of Proposition 1.

With phenomenal citywide endorsements from residents, diverse groups and elected leaders, the momentum now exists to establish Olympia’s Metropolitan Park District. Such districts are a tested and proven approach to guarantee funding for parks. Learn more: yesolympiaparks.org.

The District will improve, refresh, create, and conserve our parks, trails, civic and art spaces. Afterwards, as some propose, Olympia’s district could become regional; yet, to wait for agreement on a multi-jurisdictional district that may never materialize makes no sense.

Please join me in voting Yes on Proposition 1 so that one hundred years from now, Olympia will be endowed with sufficient expansive, mature woods for its dense population, where young and old will marvel at nature on an autumn afternoon.