Letters to the Editor

Judy Bardin is impeccable candidate for City Council

We have a candidate for Olympia City Council who has extensive experience with city government via her work on council advisory committees. During her time on the Planning Commission and Utility Advisory Committee, Judy Bardin showed herself indefatigable in the research and study of issues, and in pursuing a course of action for the best interest of the citizens of Olympia.

During her tenure on the Planning Commission, Bardin had cause to call into question the propriety of meetings conducted by developers with her fellow commissioners which violate the Washington state Open Meetings Act. This was done in a most discreet fashion, drawing attention of this imprudence only to the commission chair.

The significance of this episode to the voters of Olympia is it shows Bardin can work well with others while maintaining her penchant for fairness and the good of all. For this noble act of public service she is being hectored by some who disparage the very integrity that makes her an impeccable candidate.

A real Mr. Smith Goes to Washington type situation right here in Olympia. Give this story a happy ending, vote for Judy Bardin.