Letters to the Editor

Downing better for port than incumbent Barner

Paul K. Telford, Olympia

I was a Port of Olympia commissioner when George Barner came on board. I suspect that the problem that he has with the code of conduct is the provision that requires preparation for meetings.

I recall pleading with George several times, to no avail, to stay on the subject so as not to waste everybody’s time in meetings – most of all the public, as well as the port staff. He was seldom prepared, rambles, and loves to grandstand.

Barner is now four years older than I was when I decided that it was time to ride off into the sunset and let younger sharper minds take over.

Joe Downing has a background in both private and public sectors. He has familiarized himself with the port by serving on the advisory committee. His degree in economics will serve the taxpayers’ interests well. Downing is obviously the better and more appropriate candidate.