Letters to the Editor

Ex-county commissioner says safety should be top priority

As a former Thurston County commissioner I understand how difficult a job our current county commissioners have in their day to day duties. However, there are certain priorities that should never be forgotten or lost in the chaos of the day to day job of being a commissioner. The highest priority should be public safety.

In particular, the safety of our children should be paramount. Based on recent actions taken by Commissioners Wolfe and Romero, I am concerned that these commissioners are losing sight of their priorities.

Recently, both Wolfe and Romero rejected all efforts to allow funding for resource safety officers in our local schools. Both commissioners have actively voted against improving the safety climate and resources for our children, while at the same time voting to approve large sums of money to support pocket gophers and other projects on which they place a higher priority.

I am sure that Wolfe and Romero have a lot of special interests and concerns that may be distracting them. That is the nature of their jobs.

However, I ask them now to do the right thing and provide funding to help keep our children safe. Please prioritize children before other special interests.