Letters to the Editor

The REACH act can help prevent child deaths

Thanks to The Olympian’s diverse reporting our world gets relatively smaller each day. From my neighborhood’s housing trends, U.S. Supreme Court actions, NATO forces in Afghanistan and the impact of Trans-Pacific Partnership; the events of our world bring us onto the playing field.

Inspiring to read from Stockholm about the Nobel recognition of the Chinese scientist, Tu Youyou, who turned to ancient texts to discover a powerful malaria drug. She discovered artemisinin, currently the drug saving millions of lives worldwide.

This discovery is a significant part of the rate of child deaths around the world having dropped by more than half since 1990 as reported by the UN; not meeting the international goal, but a long step toward it.

Fortunately, there is concerted effort to stay involved in making sure our country can fully play its part in continuing this trend in ending preventable child deaths. The Reach Every Mother and Child Act of 2015, Senate Bill 1911, the so called REACH act mandates reforms at USAID to improve effectiveness of aid directed to benefit maternal child health.

We can each help our global community thrive by giving attention and then reaching out to representatives in Congress. A simple “Support Senate Bill 1911” call can move it along. We are part of this story.