Letters to the Editor

5 commissioners needed on South Bay fire district board

South Bay Fire District 8 voters: Please vote yes on the November ballot proposition to allow for a permanent five member board, instead of the current three. This proposition is really “part two” of the merger which was approved last year.

Before that election, voters in both previous separate districts voiced concern that their needs would receive less attention after the merger. That is a legitimate concern. So commissioners promised to ask for a permanent five-member board to allow for more coverage and consideration of the issues, needs, and cultures of the two previously separate districts. Shouldn’t we support what we asked for?

Commissioners are eligible for a per diem stipend of about $10,000 annually for time spent. We believe this is well worth it. They generally claim less than that. There is no additional administrative cost.

We are district taxpayers who want our taxes to be used conservatively and effectively, while delivering the best possible emergency services to us. This year, as a result of the merger, there were six (temporary) members on the board (three from each previous separate district). We believe that better, more cost-effective, decisions have been made, simply because more ideas and perspectives led to better problem-solving.

Unless this proposition is approved, the board will incrementally return to three commissioners.