Letters to the Editor

Olympia once had places where kids could swim

I was born in Olympia where I grew up. All my kids were also born and raised here. My kids could swim in Capitol Lake and Olympia was a great place to live.

When I went to work for the state, the Capitol Center Building was built. The Elks Club was there and I thought it was a beautiful building (compared to our cement ones).

If there is a contractor willing to rejuvenate it, what a great addition to our downtown. There are small shops and very good restaurants close by with good views of Capitol Lake, the Capitol building and the waterfront. It would attract many visitors. Isn’t that what our downtown needs?

We are a capital city and yet we don’t have a city pool. With an Olympic-size swimming pool we could attract swimming meets. For all the money spent on studies for Capitol Lake, an Olympic size pool could have been built. Where is our vision? Swim meets bring in lots of revenue.

We have some good parks in Olympia; I’m wondering how many people are volunteering to keep them up.