Letters to the Editor

Selby well qualified to serve as mayor

After a 10 year hiatus, I returned to this amazingly fine community in June. But, with important elections looming on the horizon, I needed to quickly get educated (e.g. forums; literature; conversations with those in the know; websites) on the candidates. For mayor, Cheryl Selby is clearly the one to support.

It’s not just her superior longevity in her hometown but her countless volunteer efforts to make this a better community (e.g. downtown association; boys and girls clubs; school bonds) prior to serving on the council. And, while on the latter, she has quickly established herself as a doer (e.g. economic development; housing for the vulnerable).

Significantly, during the campaign, she has stood out with not only her grasp of the important issues facing our community but with practical solutions to resolve them. Cheryl Selby has my enthusiastic vote.