Letters to the Editor

Marco Rosaire Rossi will be inclusive mayor

Marco Rosaire Rossi will make an excellent mayor of Olympia. Key issues of his platform include active support for $15 an hour for all working people in Olympia, ensuring adequate and affordable housing for low and moderate income people, and support for an independent review of police behavior. This will further a government that represents all of the people of Olympia.

I have known Marco Rossi for 15 years to be an honest person of the highest integrity. He is thoughtful, caring, hardworking, creative and respectful of others. He studies every issue carefully and thoroughly. Marco is an independent thinker committed to ending poverty.

Marco Rossi has been and continues to be active in anti-war, human and labor rights issues, against racism and in support of civil liberties. He volunteers at a homeless shelter and is a shop steward in his labor union, the United Food and Commercial Workers. Marco is someone you can count on.

Marco Rossi has run a very exciting and positive campaign. In spring 2015, he helped form Olympia for All. This group has actively involved many people in the campaign and is also building an ongoing and participatory organization working for economic and social justice. With the residents of Olympia, Olympia for All will develop a program and plan of action aimed at furthering an inclusive Olympia. Marco and this group will more actively involve Olympians in governing Olympia.

I urge you to vote for Rossi for mayor.