Letters to the Editor

To make a difference, you need to cast a vote

Ever asked yourself what to do about something? Could it be your city council, Port Commission, school board, fire commissioner, initiatives? You have a great opportunity coming right up - -you can take action and vote. Get your ballot in the mail or in a Thurston County ballot drop box right away. Election Day is Nov. 3 so there’s little time to lose.

There are 26 drop boxes around Thurston County. Use one by 8 p.m. Tuesday. If you need assistance with voting there is a voting assistance machine - see your voter pamphlet for details. Plus, once you’ve voted you can put an “I VOTED” sticker on your Facebook account. Get it at the Washington Secretary of State’s Facebook account. How cool is that?

As Thurston County Auditor Mary Hall says, “Every Vote Matters.” Make your vote count this fall. Get your ballot in right away! You’ll be glad you did!