Letters to the Editor

Olympia port focus should be on shipments of cargo

I was disappointed to see The Olympian endorse E.J. Zita for Olympia port commissioner instead of Jerry Farmer but appreciated the note that the decision was by a slim margin.

In reading her marketing pamphlet to voters, Zita asked voters to vote against something she termed as “business as usual.” What does that mean?

The port has continuously found different cargoes that were relevant for the time period in which they found them. When the Northwest was moving windmill blades, the port was involved. When there was virtually no log business moving, the port captured long-termed tenants like Weyerhaeuser. Even if you don’t like fracking, it was certainly not business as usual for the port to identify a new opportunity with fracking sand.

And now I heard the port will be moving dairy cattle. Zita has pushed for the port to focus on the brewery property and other business development initiatives. Whereas those topics do have merit with other civic entities such as city councils and county commissioners, the port should be focused on what it does best and that is moving cargo.

We need people who know port business, look for new diversified cargoes, and have taken time to see the port first hand and that is exactly what Jerry Farmer has been saying in his campaign.