Letters to the Editor

Zita says longshoremen never offered interview

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss issues with the Olympia port’s longshoremen, but have not had the chance. Some of their concerns were expressed at a Friends of the Port meeting that I attended, but no was comment taken from candidates.

Most unions invite candidates to meet their representatives, discuss issues, and answer questions. Through this process, every union I’ve met with has endorsed my campaign. Standing with union brothers and sisters all my working life, I’ve been a founding union member and steward. Without inviting me to meet, longshoremen endorsed Jerry Farmer early in the race. My email is zitaforport@gmail.com, and I’d still like to meet them.

Longshoremen need port commissioners who understand the Port of Olympia’s realities, and who can work to improve things.

With the collapse in local cargo shipping, longshoremen unfortunately haven’t had enough work in Olympia this year. Jerry keeps saying that the Port is doing great, but the Port’s finance director projects that Marine Terminal losses will continue in 2016 (over $1.3 million), even with more cargo shipping.

I serve on a port advisory committee and advocate for better planning to improve operations – for all of Thurston County, including the longshoremen.