Letters to the Editor

Write-in votes for Yoda keep the force with you

Send a message to the State of Washington and support our most senior politician. The Thurston County voter’s pamphlet features a likeness of a light-saber-bearing Yoda along with the words, “Your vote is stronger than the force. Don’t write in fictional characters like Yoda. It costs taxpayers money.”

We as citizens of Washington have a right to place any write-in candidate of our choosing on our ballot and it is improper for the state complain about who we choose or how much money elections cost.

Many candidates run unopposed. This is the beginning of descending to the dark side.

A vote for Master Yoda will not throw your vote away it will. So, if a candidate is the only dark soul on the ballot, the force will be with you if you vote Yoda.

Disenchanted with politicians are you? Make a difference you can if you only believe. Vote Yoda.

“When nine hundred years old you reach, vote as much, you will not. Hmm” - Master Yoda.