Letters to the Editor

There is wisdom in voting for Joe Downing

Olympian Editorial Board, thank you for strongly endorsing Joe Downing for Olympia port commissioner. I agree he is the right person for the job.

In response to the writer who talked about the wisdom of Joe’s opponent. Wisdom can come at any age, with elders seeming to have the advantage of time. But, time and experience alone does not guarantee wisdom; wisdom comes with constant learning and growing. It seems to me that it would be wise for a public servant to keep up with the current technology and modes of communication in order to continue to serve the public effectively.

Joe has years of both private and public service and carries his own wisdom. He is current with public policy, communication, and operations. Joe understands that communication and business networks have dramatically changed with social media and the internet. It is far different than what my generation of retiring and retired individuals grew up with (the phone, letters, and meetings).

Most importantly though, please remember to vote for Downing, the right person to be our next port commissioner.