Letters to the Editor

Vote for I-1366 not a mistake

In its “opinion” (11-6-2015) “Voters made a mistake with I-1366,” The Olympian makes the far-fetched assertion;

The measure is in essence a blackmail or coercive scheme from tax rebel Tim Eyeman.

While this election might be overturned by administrative manipulation it will not be overturned on its own merits.

The Olympian goes on to say that I-1366 is a recipe for gridlock government. The Olympian does not say that gridlock is caused by legislators who push issues that are not in the best interest of the resident citizenry.

For instance putting public money into cheap housing to attract vagabonds from other parts of the county to come here and get on public assistance. That same locally generated tax money should be going to K-12 education.

After voters have said half a dozen times that we want the 2/3 minimum vote for new taxes the Legislature and Olympian should accept that as the will of the people. In this wonderful democracy of ours it is still you voice and mine that counts. Not the Olympian’s.

The Olympian berates Eyeman as a rebel when he is in reality a crusader for you and me taxpayers! I Voted for I-1366 and I support Tim Eyeman. No mistake.