Letters to the Editor

Are Farmers Market jobs that lucrative?

I love the Olympia Farmers Market. Embezzlement is troubling enough, but the numerate among us might have also been shocked to learn that the Farmer’s Market manager appears to earn at least $120,000 per year.

If 335 days of work are worth $159,000, that implies about $59 per hour or $123,000 annually on a full time basis. Even in 2015, that’s good money, more than Kim Wyman, Washington secretary of state, earns.

I suspect that what was left out of the coverage would clarify that figure. No doubt, as is often the case in lawsuits, parties exaggerate damages, or other costs are included, beyond the monetary gain by the accused, but we don’t know, because the coverage didn’t attempt to address the questions it would engender, beyond who-done-it. There might be more financial oversight needed than fraud prevention at the Olympia Farmer’s Market.