Letters to the Editor

Solar energy needs consumer incentives

The Nov. 12 article entitled “Living Smart: Does shutting furnace vents improve energy efficiency?” exposed just how creative people are getting to save money on their electric bills.

One sure-fire way to avoid utility price hikes is to generate your own power from the sun. Solar power is free after installation, contributes to job growth, protects our climate, and provides more energy security through decentralized systems during storms. The solar industry is creating local jobs 20 times faster than the rest of the U.S. economy.

However, we won’t get to a future powered by the sun without setting big goals and backing it up with good policies. We need incentive programs which enable middle and low income families to take advantage of this booming technology. When considering our energy future, I urge to our Washington state legislators to support setting a goal of 10 percent solar by 2025 to get us closer to putting solar on every viable rooftop in our communities.

If more of us are able to capture the power of the sun, we will be able to avoid utility price hikes, while benefiting our environment and our local economy.