Letters to the Editor

A vibrant city for all

Every city planning document and visioning statement calls for a “vibrant” city.

To me, nothing could be more vibrant than a sparkling, rushing stream supporting fish and other aquatic life, and a healthy canopy of mixed trees and native plants, home for birds and other creatures.

We have two immediate opportunities to help create this prized quality for Olympia: We can encourage the city and participating land developers to daylight and rejuvenate at least part of Moxlie Creek as it runs down to East Bay, and we can purchase and save the “Bentridge” half of LBA Woods to complete the urban forest park so dear to many residents.

The recent passage of Proposition One will help finance these projects. Preserved open spaces and natural water features are both amenities that attract quality development. With infill housing planned for downtown spaces, we can address sprawl and create a livable, walkable, and yes, vibrant city for all.