Letters to the Editor

There is no other planet to save us

Edward O. Wilson, biologist and professor emeritus at Harvard University, will publish his 32nd book, a personal exhortation to conserve biodiversity. It is titled “Half Earth: Our Planet’s Fight for Life.”

I defend his thesis because what this expert is doing is a very brave thing, and I hope to encourage all people to endorse it.

Most of us know if we keep using and abusing our environment, we risk our human survival. Brave things need to be done, and many sacrifices need to be made, to make up for blatant past abuses.

The young, while being the victims of greedy ancestors, need to rise up with elders to confront world governments to limit the impact individuals and corporations make on the degradation of the soil, water, air and over-harvesting of animals leading to their and our impending extinction.

And we must not only halve our use of the earth, but halve our human population!

Moving to another planet, as adventurous as this seems, is not an option! Earth evolved with us and we, and all other life, are the direct results of billion of years of very specific evolution or we would not even be here at all.

The chances of another planet making the same billions of specific evolutionary changes to match our Earth’s, is impossible. We must move over and limit reproduction globally or die.

Don’t count on heaven as a reward for destroying life on Earth. If there is a creator it will not be happy!