Letters to the Editor

More to the end of medical marijuana than just weed

There isn’t much left to say regarding the events that transpired the last 26 days in Washington State.

Enough time has passed since the closure of dispensaries and medical collectives around the state for patients to become ill and perish. Patients are still tirelessly rallying at the capitol, hopeful for change. Mothers are still panicked about the reality their child’s medication supply is running low with no dates of when they can expect reliable, affordable medication on the shelves by the Department of Health.

Our nation is fighting the biggest war on heroin and prescription medication right now, yet the medical, non-toxic alternative has been eradicated from Washington State over profit and greed.

No citizen should be surprised or shocked when over dose rates skyrocket in the coming weeks and we start losing more victims to this epidemic, but we all know who we can personally thank. Maybe once more people die, our ‘lawmakers’ will begin to understand why the medical cannabis community has been fighting so hard to protect the few laws we once had.