Meet the 2017 Board of Contributors


The Olympian’s editorial board welcomes community voices, including our Board of Contributors, who serve a year (or more), writing columns that appear on Thursday.

George Walter will be familiar to Olympian readers. He has been on the board for two terms, and feels he still has more to say. He is Nisqually Indian Tribe’s environmental program manager and has written about conservation, climate change, federal lands, the economy and local issues.

Anna Schlecht is well known for her activism on gay rights. She is the community service programs manager for city of Olympia and recently joined the board of the Senior Center in Olympia. She plans to write on aging issues, including the elder boom, civil rights, housing and issues with multiple generations in the workplace and community.

Edwin Pole grew up in Florida, retired from the tech industry and lives in Lacey. He’s a libertarian and ran for secretary of state in Oregon in 2000. He says his 40-year involvement in a minor party gives him an unusual perspective on political and economic philosophy.

Susan Ritter is a semiretired business owner whose activities include serving on the board of The Washington Center, feeding efforts for the homeless, Christmas Forest and the local Fred Hutchinson Guild supporting cancer research. One of her interests is in finding solutions for the homeless issues in downtown Olympia.

Alyssa Pietz, a 2015 graduate from the University of Idaho with a degree in political science, works at a nonprofit and volunteers at the Family Support Center. She brings the perspective of a relative newcomer and a millennial to the page.

Terry Oxley is retired from the military and a communications career at Puget Sound Energy. In addition, his background includes the environment, community service and hobbies as rotary wing pilot, rescue diver and power boating. He calls himself a mainstream Republican.