Eating any dead salmon makes for one sick dog

Hi Chester,

Not a question, exactly. In your article on Tumwater Park (12/27), you wrote: "If you see salmon in the water or along the banks, take your dogs home. Dogs can catch salmonella if they eat dead, decaying salmon."

Salmonella has nothing to do with salmon (it was named after Daniel Salmon, the pathologist who discovered the bacterium). What dogs get from eating salmon is "salmon poisoning" (a parasitic infection, but I'm not going to pretend to be an expert).

I'm not bringing this up just to be pedantic; my point is that the salmon don't have to be "decaying."

Dogs can get this from eating nice, fresh, wholesome-looking salmon, and I wouldn't want your readers to think it was only the particularly ripe carcasses that posed a threat (well, ok, I know that "dead" covers any salmon dogs are likely to eat, but the phrasing makes it sound like the disease has to do with spoilage rather than with salmon in general.).

Ken Ferschweiler


Thanks for writing in and sharing your tip. Any dead salmon and any live dog make for a bad combination.

Dear Mr. Allen,

I seldom write to columnists, b u t, as a New Year's resolution ... I need to tell you how much I enjoy your column. You have done a fine job of describing the overall fishing experience, not just how many fish you or a friend managed to catch. Thanks for adding a refreshing perspective.

John Peterson

A note like this from a reader makes my day. I think I have the best job in South Sound.