‘Earthflight’ TV series will air beginning July 21

Snow geese fly through Monument Valley during Episode One, Norht America, from the TV series “Earthflight.”
Snow geese fly through Monument Valley during Episode One, Norht America, from the TV series “Earthflight.” Courtesy

KBTC will begin showing Tuesday the six-part series “Earthflight,” a detailed look at the challenges facing migrating birds and the beauty of their journeys.

A special “Nature” presentation, the BBC-produced series looks at the world of birds as they fly over six continents.

Series producer John Downer and his team spent four years traveling the world to film more than 100 birds species in 40 countries. The cameras they used include tiny high definition units attached to the backs of trained birds.

The episodes are:

North America: It includes the perils snow geese face as they try to avoid becoming prey for bald eagles. Viewers will see what it’s like to fly under the Golden Gate Bridge, through Monument Valley, New York and the Grand Canyon.

Africa: This episode offers views of the African continent from the back of a vulture. It shows cape gannets diving among whales, dolphins and sharks as they feed on sardines. Fish eagles hunt over an island of flamingos.

Europe: Cameras followed cranes and geese over the white cliffs of Dover, over Venice and the Rock of Gibraltar. In Rome, massive flocks of starlings twist and turn to avoid peregrine falcons.

South America: The Amazon and Andes are shown from the perspective of condors and scarlet macaws. Giant petrels shadow killer whales off the shore of Patagonia. You also can watch hummingbirds feed at Iguazu Falls.

Asia and Australia: Watch as giant flocks of lorikeets, cockatoos and budgies fly over Australia, Japanese cranes deal with snow and geese fly miles above the Himalayas.

Flying High: This episode offers a behind-the-scenes look at the production of the series. Watch as crews use drones, paragliders and camera-carrying birds to capture some of the images.

The first show will begin at 7 p.m.