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Quoting Lorenzo Romar after Huskies’ 83-81 loss to Arizona State

Here is everything Huskies men’s basketball coach Lorenzo Romar said after Washington’s 83-81 loss to Arizona State on Thursday night at Hec Edmundson Pavilion.

(Opening) “After a rough start I was really excited by how scrappy and how much heart our guys played with to come back and take the lead at halftime. I thought we did a great job. They scored 23 points off of our turnovers. That was huge in this game. There were times we were in scoring positon where we didn’t convert but yet turned it over, so instead of us scoring two, we don’t get it, and they score on the other end with a two or a three. In a close game like that, that hurt us. I thought in the second half, we moved the ball, and were waiting and waiting and then we’d get a great shot. We took the lead, and then we became impatient for whatever reason and we would shoot too quickly, which is what we did not want to do. And not only did we not score but they would come down and get into rhythm. Along with a few defensive breakdowns that should not have happened in the second half, that’s the difference in the game right there.”

(On what happened after the score was tied 69-69) “Some of those things that I talked about. We just shot the ball too quickly. When we were playing offense right and we were moving the ball, we were scoring, doing a good job.”

(On decision to go with small lineup) “I just thought it was too difficult. They shoot the basketball so well that we did not stay in the zone. I thought when we went with the quicker team, we began to get to loose balls. We weren’t getting any loose balls at first. We began to get rebounds, loose balls. We were able to guard their 3, they made five 3s in the first half, I think they were 5 for 13. Second half, we weren’t able to do that with that lineup, so we just decided to go with a quicker lineup.”

(On the dust-up between Carlos Johnson and Tra Holder) “They were both competing. Carlos grabbed it and kind of followed through with the guy, pushing him out the way a little bit. The guy pushed us, which I thought the officials did a decent job on that.”

(Had to manage Fultz’s minutes more coming off the injury?) “Yes, we had to. We couldn’t play him the entire time.”

(What type of lift did Fultz give you?) “Huge lift, just his presence, he scored, he’s a little rusty from not playing, not practicing, but he made plays for us, like he’s done all year.”

(How did he come out of it health-wise?) “We’ll find out tomorrow after he’s had a good night sleep, we’ll see how he feels.”

(On players being too deferential toward the end) “I don’t know if I can say that. I think when you say defer, you’re not talking about (Fultz). We were trying not to just get the ball and take one quick shot, so we’re kind of in between there. And again, there was kind of a different lineup. Usually we can play with a big out there and we know exactly … with that lineup, we practice it in practice, but it’s not our natural way to play all the time.”

(Did you think Fultz’s halfcourt shot had a chance to go in?) “I did, and it did. It had a legitimate chance. He practices those shots all the time. Dan Kingma threw a great pass, being the former Little League World Series guy that he is, he could make that pass, and we knew Markelle could go get it and have a chance to make it, and he came close.”

(On the attitude in the locker room right now) “I don’t think our guys ... I think our guys are really disappointed again. We’ve had a lot of disappointment. But I don’t think our chins are on the floor. I think our guys know that we have one more home game. We have a few weeks left in this season. We need to continue to try to get better for the Pac-12 tournament.”

(Carlos Johnson’s game overall?) “Outstanding. I think he got tired at the end. But to get a double-double, he was one of the ringleaders in terms of that scrappiness. We weren’t getting any loose balls, we just couldn’t grab it. And he comes in and all of a sudden, every loose ball was his. He made some big plays. He gave us a lot of energy. He played very, very well.”

(On Matisse Thybulle’s game) “It was huge. Matisse had 12 rebounds, that’s a career high anywhere. I thought he did a nice job on the glass, really nice job on the glass. It’s good to see both those guys have double doubles.”

(Chance Malik Dime plays Saturday?) “We’ll determine it Saturday.”

(On whether the team showed grit) “In stretches, there’s no question we had grit, in stretches. I thought we had grit but we just didn’t, like I said, we didn’t take care of the ball. Taking care of the ball and offensively continue to move the ball, that’s what got us there, that’s what got us where we had the lead. If we continued to do that, we’d have been fine, but that’s where we broke down. But the grit, other than the beginning of the game, I thought there was some grit.”

(On reigning in Johnson’s attitude or let him be) “When you have a guy like Carlos, you continue to mentor Carlos, you continue to watch him grow and just help him channel all of that fight that he has into battling on the court. I’d rather have that than someone to be passive and you’re trying to get him to go harder.”

(On whether Johnson’s effort rubs off at all) “When he goes in playing like that, it’s infectious. I thought it rubbed off on our team. I thought our team started playing like that.”

(On Romar being more demonstrative on the sideline tonight) “We’re all fighting, man, and as the leader of this team, they need to see that fight over there on that sideline, and we tried to give it to them.”