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Sounders react to 2-0 loss at NY Red Bulls

Here are some provided quotes from after the Sounders’ 2-0 loss at the New York Red Bulls on Sunday:

Seattle Sounders FC head coach SIgi Schmid

Opening Statement:

We created a number of really, really good chances. We had probably a couple we should have scored before but outside of that I thought we played really well, but the end of the day, Red Bull won.

On his thoughts going into halftime:

Goals change games. You know, there's nothing else I can say. You've got to make goalkeepers make saves. The easiest save for the goalkeeper is the one he doesn't have to make. So it can look great when you're bending the ball towards the corner, but if you don't hit the frame, he doesn't have to do anything. So we've got to make sure we make goalkeepers work and we've got to finish those opportunities.

On if the Open Cup game midweek had an impact:


On his 500th game and how soccer in America has changed:

Well, I mean, soccer has definitely improved an awful lot. Even in my years in MLS, the quality of play has certainly gotten much stronger, you know, much better early on, and the MLS, the defending was porous, to say the least.

Now teams defend well, but teams also keep possession of the ball. They move the ball around. They make you work. Just the overall quality of play has improved, and I think all aspects of the game: The coaching, the players; I'll even say the referees.

On Joevin Jones:

I thought early on, I thought he wasn't in the game the first ten, 15 minutes but then early on, he got some good chances to run at Zizzo, and I thought he created some problems. I would have wanted to see him do it a little more.

On Kovar’s play and the substitution:

Kovar played in The Open Cup game and he wasn't finishing anything, and I could see that that was affecting him, as well. So we felt that was the reason for the change.

On the difference between the two teams:

I think we were tired. I take nothing away from their combination, their running, and it was a good little overlapping run that put it in. But if Evans gets his foot fully on the ball, then it's not a problem; then Frei just clears it and Frei almost got there anyway. Grella finished it well. It was a good bit of skill. But I think on our part it was a little bit of fatigue, and with the Red Bull, it was combination there and it was a quality finish.

On having so many chances in the first half:

We just have to continue to play the way we're playing, because our tactics were right. We talked about the tactics and we talked about how we wanted to play and the guys followed that, and I thought we opened them up fairly well, you know.

So I said to continue to do what we're doing. We can get goals. But when you're 1-0 down, it's really nothing but when you're 2-0, it becomes a little harder.

On Jordan Morris:

Yeah, it's his first professional year. Thing is, every game over the last six or so that he's played for us, he's gotten three to four good looks in each game, and now it's a matter of him, instead of, you know, finishing 20 percent of those looks, he needs to start finishing 30 and 40 and then 50 percent of those looks and that just comes with experience.

On finishing:

We've got to score goals. It's a matter of continuing to go to the practice ground, continue to work on our finishing, but a lot of it is just the confidence of the players.

On coaching 500 games:

I mean, it just means that I've had a lot of good players. I've been blessed that way, and I've had the opportunity to coach a lot of good players and it's allowed me to stay in the league. So it's great. I probably won't remember this game very much because of the way it ended.

On raising confidence in players:

You have to keep doing what you're doing. It's not we're not creating chances. We're creating chances, so we have to continue to do that and we have to continue to believe in how we're playing.

Obviously we have to wait for some of our young players to mature, because when you look at who the chances fell to tonight, you're looking at Jordan Morris, you're looking at Aaron Kovar, you're looking at Oalex Anderson, even Joevin Jones. Those guys are young guys. So we need to wait for those guys to mature a little bit. And it would help if we stay injury-free.

If you look at the Red Bull front six, if you take out Lloyd Sam, the other five have probably played, what, 95 percent of their last 50 games together, so that leads to continuity and understanding.

On getting more out of players:

I think they are equally frustrated on the field. Obviously when they are playing the game, they can't sit there and pout and throw a tantrum and stop playing.

It's just a matter of continuing to work on it, like I said, and at practice, continuing to put an emphasis on scoring goals and training.

On Nelson Valdez:

He was gone with Paraguay. He really didn't play many games with them. He had come off a calf injury with us before he went into Paraguay. We didn't feel he was 90 minutes fit, and the way we were playing, we were playing well, so there was no need to make a change earlier.

On a spot for Joevin Jones:

As a sub, he's come on and made an impact for us, coming off the wing. This is the first game he started for us on the wing. He started there for Trinidad numerous times.

Again, he's such a good player, I always expect a little more from him.

Seattle Sounders FC midfielder Aaron Kovar

On not getting a point in New York:

Yeah, it’s really frustrating but they played amazing. Their midfield was nothing that I had seen all season. I didn’t think we would come to Red Bull and they would play that well but we had a lot of opportunities and I take a lot of responsibility there I had four or five breakaway opportunities and I just couldn’t bag them.

On getting opportunities in the first half:

It was all of the guys behind us, they were amazing in the back and the midfield. All of our defenders didn’t put a foot wrong and after so many opportunities missed it puts a lot of pressure on them.

Seattle Sounders FC forward Jordan Morris:

On what he would change for next game:

Yeah, I mean, it’s very frustrating [inaudible] because I thought we played really well. And it’s on me to finish those chances and I didn’t put them away today, so I just have to keep working on those and I think we’ll win our next game.

That’s the only thing you really can do is look forward to the next game. Can’t change this result, so just have to keep working hard, obviously keep working on that finishing and look forward to the next one. We need to get three points out of that game.

On why the team hasn’t been scoring:

Yeah, I mean, I don’t know if it’s confidence. Maybe it’s confidence, I don’t know. You just really got to keep working on it, [inaudible] I mean, we’re going at teams and all that kind of stuff, it’s just the final product isn’t there.

On his scoring:

Yeah, I mean it’s the worst feeling in the world, cause it’s kind of on your shoulders. I mean, we played so well today and I was on and I needed to finish those chances and I didn’t. It’s not a fun feeling at all. Hopefully I can put some away and help the team win the next one.

The Sounders fly home Monday to begin preparations for their next league match, 2 p.m. Saturday when New York City FC visis CenturyLink Field for the first time. This will be the first of the games this season where the stadium will be opened to full capacity.