State suspends former Richland anesthesiologist in groping incidents

The state Medical Quality Assurance Commission has found that Dr. Lloyd V. Olson, a former Richland anesthesiologist, committed unprofessional conduct when he touched the breasts of two unconscious women just prior to surgery.

Olson's licenses to practice in Washington and Colorado were suspended in May after a Kadlec Regional Medical Center surgical technician blew the whistle on Olson and alleged he had groped the two women's breasts for one to two minutes while asking if they had breast implants.

Shortly after the incidents, Olson left Richland and moved back to Colorado. He said the move had been planned prior to the any allegations being made against him.

Olson said in response to the allegations that he had touched the women because he their medical records did not indicate they had implants and he was concerned whether the right patients were on the operating table.

The commission, which oversees physician licensing, issued an order Wednesday finding there was no medical reason for Olson to have touched the woman, and that doing so while they were unable to consent was unprofessional conduct.

The commission reaffirmed the suspension and mandating that Olson undergo a clinical skills evaluation and continuing education in Colorado. Once he completes those requirements, he can apply to have the suspension lifted, but will face a 36 month probation if he wishes to practice in Washington.