Light of Hope illuminates needs of South Sound residents

FILE PHOTO: Community Youth Services director Barbara Wakefield is loaded down with new coats as she collects donations from Heather Durka (left), Dawn Peterson and employees of Garden Courte Memory Care Center at the CYS offices in downtown Olympia in 2012. The agency is seeking gift cards for its clients for the holidays.
FILE PHOTO: Community Youth Services director Barbara Wakefield is loaded down with new coats as she collects donations from Heather Durka (left), Dawn Peterson and employees of Garden Courte Memory Care Center at the CYS offices in downtown Olympia in 2012. The agency is seeking gift cards for its clients for the holidays. The Olympian

If you are looking for a way to help those in need in Thurston County during the holiday season, you’ve come to the right place.

The Olympian’s Light of Hope each year illuminates the needs of South Sound residents who lack resources and the nonprofits that work with them. Below you will find a long wish list from local nonprofits and the people they help, as well as how you can help them.

Barb’s Family & Friends

What began as inviting a neighbor in need to Christmas dinner has grown into a community-focused charitable organization that serves more than 4,000 holiday dinners annually and provides seasonal clothing and gifts, Easter baskets and more.

The nonprofit has four families who would like help. For information about others in need, or to make a donation, call Rodney O’Neill at 360-485-9931.

Family No. 1: Family of five struggling to make ends meet wants their kids to have a Merry Christmas.

Girl, 13: Wears clothing size 2 juniors and size 8.5 women’s boots. Needs a new winter coat, gloves, scarf and hat. Asking for pajamas and slippers. Needs a new comforter/sheet set for queen-size bed. Favorite color is teal. Loves makeup, nail polish and costume jewelry. Also avid reader of teenage love stories. Would enjoy gift cards to Regal Cinemas, Barnes & Noble, or Half Priced Books. Plays violin and would love some new violin strings. Enjoys listening to music — iTunes gift card would delight her.

Girl, 8: Wears size 2 juniors and size 9 women’s boots. Needs a new winter coat, gloves, scarf and hat. Asking for pajamas and slippers. Loves craft items: paints, beads, embroidery thread, sketch pad, glitter markers. Loves reading third-grade level books about animals. Would enjoy gift card to Hobby Lobby or Target. Favorite color is purple. Loves Seahawks.

Boy, 6: Wears size 6 boys and size 2.5 boys boots. Needs a winter coat, scarf, hat and gloves. Favorite colors are green and blue. Needs a twin-size comforter/sheet set. Asking for pajamas and slippers. Loves Legos, Seahawks and Star Wars. Enjoys reading level 1/beginning reading books. Would love a gift card to GameStop or Toys R Us.

A family gift of YMCA membership, food/gas gift cards, board games, karaoke machine, or a PlayStation gaming system would be appreciated.

Family No. 2: Struggling family of seven. Father was in an accident and is awaiting surgery; mother is taking care of father and children.

Girl, 11, wears a size 8.5 women’s shoes, size medium or large in clothing, or a size 16 junior. She would like ‘Shopkins,’ iPod, mp3 player, lotion, earrings.

Boy, 9, wears shoe size 5, youth clothing size 10/12. He would like Beyblades, Stadium Xbox games, iPod, Legos bigger version.

Boy, 3, wears shoe size 13 toddler, clothing size 5T. He is interested in Minions Big Wheel, and hand-held games system.

Boy, 2, wears shoe size 11 toddler, clothing size 3T. He is interested in a Minions Big Wheel, and hand-held game system.

Boy, 8 months, wears clothing size 12-18 months. Learning toys would be appreciated.

A donation of a family membership to the Hands On Children’s Museum would be appreciated. All the children could use underwear, socks and T-shirts, and training bras for the girl (size large), and body washes, baby washes, and household cleaning supplies, such as laundry soap and Clorox.

Family No. 3: Single mother of two boys in need of help.

Boy, 10: Would like Pokémon cards, drone and Google gift card.

Boy, 17: Would like jeans, size 34x32, shoes size 11, or gift cards for gas, haircut or clothing store.

Mom: Would like bath towels, silverware, electric blanket, used lawn mower or Safeway gift card.

Family also would like a YMCA membership donated.

Family No. 4: Single father with four kids.

Girl, 5: Loves playing princess and dress up, and doing arts and crafts.

Boy, 6: Loves Legos, reading level 1 books, Shopkins and the Seahawks.

Girl, 9: Enjoys doing her nails and hair, reading books, beading for necklaces.

Boy, 15: Likes video games and puzzles.

Family would like either a YMCA membership or Hands On Children’s Museum membership, and cards for grocery stores.

City Gates Ministries

City Gates Ministries is a faith-based community outreach organization operating in Thurston County since 1995. It serves people in need without discrimination and without regard to creed, race, color, national origin, gender or anything that might be considered discriminatory. It advocates finding resources for housing, rent, electricity bills, jobs and recovery, including financial aid for housing assistance, utilities, food, bus passes, clothes, hygiene products and furniture, among other necessities. There are 24 families who would like help this holiday season. For additional information, call 360-705-0297 or go to citygatesministries.org.

Family No. 1: Mom and dad unable to work because of disabilities, Mom is attempting to return to work; savings depleted during unemployment.

Mom: Clothing size 3X, pants size 18, shoe size 9. Would like family games, camping gear, sheets (twin and queen), church clothes, pajamas, slippers, knitting and sewing materials.

Dad: Clothing size 4X, shoe size 9.5. Would like frying pans, silverware, a rain coat, boots and tools.

Girl, 11: Clothing size women’s XL or 16, shoe size 10. Would like CDs (21 Pilots, One D, Taylor Swift), Calico Critters, art supplies, bean bag chair, puzzle.

Girl, 9: Clothing size 14/16, shoe size 8.5. Would like Shopkins, Num Nums, Goosebumps books, Beanie Boos, purses, jewelry, stuffed animals.

Girl, 8: Clothing junior small, pants size 5 junior short, shoe size 7. Would like Air Hogs, Nerf guns, football, scooter, stuffed hippo.

Family No. 2: Family with special needs child. Mom is unable to work because child needs a great deal of care.

Mom: Pajamas size large, jeans size 10, shoe size 11. Would like candles or kitchen items.

Dad: Clothing size XL, shoe size 13.

Girl, 15: Jeans size 14, shoes size 4. Needs a winter coat.

Boy, 7: Clothing size 8. Likes Superheroes.

Family No. 3: Mom’s hours have been cut because of debilitating health issue; Dad works full time, but pay just covers bills and food.

Mom: Clothing size 1X or 2X. Needs warm coat; loves candles, Bath and Body Works, and Seahawks.

Dad: Clothing size 5X, shoe size 10.5. Likes the Dodgers, fitted hats, Oakland Raiders; needs shirts, headphones and gloves.

Boy, 13: Clothing size men’s small or youth XL, shoe size 10. Needs a coat; loves Seahawks, Raiders, Golden State Warriors, anything Nike.

Boy, 6: Clothing size 6/7, shoe size 13. Needs shoes; loves Seahawks, Raiders, Power Rangers, electronic robots, Star Wars and Legos.

Family No. 4: Grandma raising her special needs teenage grandson and his brother. Income has been cut in half.

Grandma: Clothing size XXL, jeans size 16, shoe size 6 or 6.5 wide. Needs sweatshirts, jeans and rubber boots for working outside.

Boy, 16: Clothing size men’s medium (prefers sweats and shorts), pants size 32x30, shoe size 9. Needs shoes, pants, sweatshirts, socks and underwear; likes board games, video games, basketball, football, New Orlean Saints.

Boy, 18: Clothing size men’s large, pants size 34x33, shoe size 10. Needs shoes, pants, sweatshirts, socks, underwear; likes magic, juggling, books, sports, the San Francisco 49ers.

Family No. 5: Family unemployed due to layoff.

Mom: Needs clothing because she has lost weight, requests gift card as she is unsure of sizes. Would love a date night with her husband.

Dad: Needs clothing as he has lost a significant amount of weight, requests gift card to Sunbirds. Would love a date night with his wife.

Girl, 18: Clothing size small, shoe size 8.5. Loves rustic décor, Hobby Lobby.

Boy, 17: Clothing size large, pants size 32x34, shoe size 11. Needs jeans and shoes; likes music, football and XBox.

Boy, 2: Clothing size 3T, shoe size 7. Needs jeans; likes cars and trucks.

Family No. 6: Single mom getting back to part-time job after a layoff.

Mom: Clothing size 2X, pants size 18, needs black pants for work, and socks. Would like camping gear for family, cleaning supplies, including a broom, and a jelly roll pan.

Girl, 13: Clothing size XL, pants size 13/14, shoe size 10. Would love a pair of black or white Vans, needs socks. Wants Paris-themed bedroom décor, blow dryer, curling iron, straightener, Adidas sweatshirt.

Boy, 9: Clothing boys size large, pants size 18, shoe size 7. Would like football or skateboard décor to decorate bedroom; needs a helmet size large or XL, pajamas size large, and socks.

Family No. 7: Pregnant, young single mom on her own after leaving a domestic violence situation.

Mom: Size 2X, yoga pants size large, shoe size 9. Needs socks, nursing bra size large or 36DD. Likes Minnie Mouse, but would rather focus on the children than herself.

Girl, 2: Clothing size 3T, shoe size 7, socks size 3T. Likes Paw Patrol, Doc McStuffins, Barbie dolls, Minnie Mouse, needs 3T/4T Pull-ups.

Family also needs a baby bassinet, car seat, newborn diapers, neutral colors.

Family No. 8: Dad laid off through the rainy season. Mom is working six days a week to try to make up the difference.

Mom: Needs long socks size small. Would like snacks for the kids.

Dad: Loves Seahawks; needs socks, thermals and new boots.

Boy, 14: Clothing size large, needs sweatshirts and jogger pants; would like boy room decorations; likes Sonics basketball and the New England Patriots; would like PS3 games (anything NBA).

Boy, 7: Is autistic. Wears clothing size 7/8, pants with buttons and adjustable straps or jogger pants, underwear size 8 briefs. Wants Ghostbuster Legos set, likes Big Hero 6, has collected Disney cars every year.

Boy, 6: Clothing size 6. Needs clothes and warm jacket. Loves Superheroes, collects Superhero squad, Imaginext guys, would love the vehicles and accessories to go with it.

Family No. 9: Young low-income family with new baby.

Mom: Clothing size XL, pants size large or 15, shoe size 8.5. Needs jeans, boots, makeup, long-sleeved shirts; wants home décor.

Dad: Clothing size XL, pants size 36x32, shoe size 10. Needs jeans, black work pants, winter coat. Loves fishing and Seahawks.

Boy, newborn: Clothing size newborn and 3 months. Needs warm winter clothes, socks, diapers size 1 or 2, teething toys.

Family No. 10: Family on limited, fixed income.

Mom: Clothing size 3X, pants size 22/24, shoe size 11 wide. Needs king-size sheets and bedding, cleaning supplies; wants makeup, hair products and accessories.

Dad: Clothing size medium, pants size 30x32, shoe size 7.5; needs work boots, warm socks, rain gear, warm beanies and hats, flashlight.

Girl, 16: Clothing size 2X, pants size 18, shoe size 11W. Needs socks, underwear size 9, makeup, hair products, hair accessories, room décor, alarm clock with radio.

Girl, 11: Clothes size junior large, pants size 8/10, shoe size 10W, underwear size 6. Wants American Girl doll books, light blue and purple room décor, DIY projects, Suicide Squad album and movie, Num Num sets.

Girl, 9: Clothing size large, pants size 10/12, shoe size 2.5 or 3, training bra size large. Wants pink and purple room décor, books by Raina Telgemeier (Ghost, Babysitter, Smile), hair products and accessories, magic set, alarm clock.

Girl, 1: Clothing size 2T or 3T, shoe size 5, diapers size 5. Wants Fisher Price Bright Beats, Vtech Sit to Stand, Sophia the First toys, Vtech Touch and Swipe Phone, and music light-up toys.

Family No. 11: Family surviving on dad’s income while mom stays home to care for their young child.

Dad: Clothing size medium, pants size 28x30, shorts size medium, shoe size 11. Likes graphic novels, drawing supplies; needs socks and slippers.

Mom: Clothing size medium, pants size medium (prefers leggings and sweats). Needs long winter socks and slippers; likes books, movies, art supplies.

Girl, 2: Clothing size 2T, shoe size 8. Likes stuffed animals and toys that make sounds.

Family No. 12: Family living off of one income due to the birth of a baby.

Mom: Clothing size medium/large, pants size 9, shoes size 7.5 or 8. Loves makeup, liquid eye liner, perfume; needs vacuum, king-size sheets.

Dad: Clothing size XL, pants size 38x32, shoe size 9. Loves Seahawks, clothes and cologne.

Girl, 2: Clothing size 2T-3T, shoes size 7. Likes Minnie Mouse, would like a Minnie Mouse play table.

Girl, newborn: Newborn to 3 months clothing and shoes. Needs diapers, wipes; would love a double stroller.

Family No. 13: Single mom actively seeking employment.

Mom: Women’s size 14/16; would like S sport designed by Skechers performance athletic shoes, white with seafoam green trim; StraightTalk unlimited phone card for 4GLTE; storage tubs; juice pitcher; Nintendo NES Classic Edition.

Boy, 15: Clothing size 14/16, sport pants size 16, snow boots size 4.5. Wants 3DS Dragon Quest 7, Lego Star Wars, Imperial Assault Hovertank, Magic Labyrinth, board games, Imaginext Walking Crocodile.

Boy, 12: Clothing size 14/16, sport pants size 14, snow boots size 3. Wants Immaginext DC Super Friends Doomsday, Lego Jr. Batman and Superman vs. Lex Luthor, Immaginext Mr. Freese robot, Kidade Modern Arts and Crafts case.

Boy, 6: Clothing size 7, snow boot size 12. Would like Fisher Price Imaginext, Power Rangers Morphin Megazord, Quizel 3d maker, Learning Resources Pretend and Play calculator, Agna Rip Claw 20-inch bike.

Family No. 14: Family living off one income; mom quit work because child care for special needs child was more than she was making.

Mom: Needs laundry soap, household supplies, toilet paper.

Dad: Hanes white tank tops size large, socks size 9.5, underwear size large.

Girl, 10: Clothing size 7/8, stretch pants only, shirts size 10/12, shoe size 3. Likes arts and crafts and outer space.

Boy, 5: Clothing size 4/5, shoe size 12. Likes Superheroes, Batman.

Girl, 3: Clothing size 4T, shoe size 9. Likes Hello Kitty, Tinkerbell, Frozen, Disney characters.

Family No. 15: Single mom.

Mom: Clothing size XL, shoe size 10, would like Ugg boots or something similar. Also needs area rug, blackout curtains for bedroom, hygiene items, kitchen sets.

Girl, 2: Clothing size 5T, shoe size 9, diapers size 5. Needs a new bed. Likes Daniel Tiger, books, movies, animals, Little People toys, hair accessories, detangler.

Family No. 16: Family just returned to the area. Dad is actively seeking employment; mom unable to work due to pregnancy.

Mom: Clothing size 2XL, pants size 20 maternity, shoes size 10.

Dad: Clothing size 3XL, pants size 48, shoe size 13.

Girl, 12: Clothing size small junior, pants size 2/4, shoe size 10. Needs pajamas; likes arts and crafts, jewelry making; favorite colors are pink and blue.

Boy, 6: Clothing size 8, pajamas size 10, shoe size 3 (prefers no laces). Likes Pokemon; favorite color green.

Boy, 4: Clothing size 4T, shoe size 10. Likes Pokemon and Disney; favorite color is red.

Boy, 2: Clothing size 2T, shoe size 8; needs size 2T/3T Pull-ups, size 4 diapers. Likes Paw Patrol and Disney.

Family No. 17: Single mom with severe medical issues.

Mom: Clothing size 24 petite, 3X-4X in shirts, needs household products (toilet paper, paper towels, flushable wipes, Pure laundry soap). Loves to color and would like arthritis crochet hooks.

Boy, 18: Wears 34x30 black skinny jeans or pants; XL black shirts; needs a yarn scarf. Would like a DSI3d (used is fine), Pokemon games for a DSI3d.

Boy, 15: Wears 32x30 pants, medium shorts, size medium shirts, medium or large weather-proof wind breaker or slick jacket, as he rides the bus for transportation. Would like a full-size heated blanket.

Family No. 18: Family struggling after significantly decreased work hours and unexpected rent increase.

Boy, 15: Needs 15 3/4 white button-up long-sleeve shirts. Would like Xbox games or electric scooter.

Boy, 13: Needs XXL black shorts, shoes size 10.5. Would like Xbox games or electric scooter.

Girl, 7: Clothing size 7/8, size 13 shoes. Would like Baby Alive, Fur Real pets, Frozen twin bed set or three-wheel electric scooter.

Boy, 2: Wears 3T or 4T pajamas, shoe size 8. Three-wheel electric scooter, Paw Patrol full bed set or other items, balls, Tonka trucks, learning toys.

Family No. 19: Permanently disabled single mom living on limited income with two children.

Mom: Needs dishes, pants size 11.

Boy, 8: Clothing size 8 or medium boys, shoes size 4W; needs jeans with pockets and green or blue hoodies. Likes Superheroes, would like a game called Bomb, and Legos.

Girl, 6: Clothing size 6, shoe size 1; needs black, blue or green hoodies. Likes My Little Pony and Legos.

Family No. 20: Single mom, living on a limited income due to debilitating health concerns, struggling due to rent increase and decrease in food allowance.

Boy, 17: Clothing size large, pants size 32x30, shoes size 9. Likes music (not country), whittling, carving and drawing.

Boy, 5: Clothing size 5T, shoe size 1. Likes Sticky Hands, Nerf guns and accessories; needs a helmet and protection to ride his bike, has larger-than-average size head.

Family No. 21: Dad works at low-income job while mom is finishing her degree at The Evergreen State College.

Mom: Clothing size large, pants size 13. Likes biology, arts and crafts.

Dad: Clothing size XL, pants size 36. Loves Star Wars, Superheroes and the outdoors.

Boy, 9: Clothing size 10/12, or large. Likes fishing, hunting, Minecraft, science, and mystery books. Needs pajamas, long-sleeve shirts, gloves and hats.

Boy, 3: Clothing size 3T. Likes Mickey Mouse, trains, “Cat in the Hat” books. Needs pajamas, long-sleeve shirts, gloves and hats.

Family No. 22: Low-income family with new baby. Dad works; Mom stays home to care for the children.

Mom: Needs household items.

Dad: Needs household items.

Boy, 10: Clothing size 14/16, shoe size 7. Likes sports, football, Seahawks. Wants football gloves.

Girl, 3: Clothing size 3T-4T, shoe size 7 or 8 toddler. Likes Barbies.

Boy, 4-months: Clothing size 6-9 months. Needs interactive age-appropriate toys with lights and sounds.

Family No. 23: Employed single mom just making ends meet.

Mom: Clothing size large, pants size 13, shoe size 7.5. Would love a laptop, but needs clothes, underwear, socks, cleaning supplies and hygiene products.

Boy, 11: Clothing size 14/16, shoes size 6. Needs socks, underwear, clothing and hygiene products. Likes soccer, Xbox 1 games or a new gaming system, and Legos.

Boy, 9: Clothing size 14/16, shoe size 5. Needs socks, underwear, clothes and hygiene products. Likes Harry Potter and Legos.

Boy, 1: Clothing size 2T, shoe size 5.5T. Needs toddler bed. Loves Mickey Mouse, Miles from Tomorrow Land and music.

Family No. 24: Homeless single mom, living in car with two children.

Mom: Clothing size XL, pants size 20/22, shoe size 9.

Girl, 2: Clothing size 3T, shoe size 8. Likes Minnie Mouse, Doc McStuffins and Disney princesses.

Boy, 1: Clothing size 18-months to 2T. Likes Mickey Mouse and Ninja Turtles.

Community Youth Services

Community Youth Services serves more than 6,500 youth and families in South Sound annually, including foster children, those who are homeless, and those who have nowhere else to turn, providing shelter, safety, and programs to boost independence and success. It also serves families with small children. Through 20 different programs, CYS works to help youth become safe, independent and successful.

Donations of gift cards of any sort would be greatly appreciated. All gifts are tax deductible. To donate, call 360-943-0790, email cysdev@communityyouthservices.org, or go online to communityyouthservices.org.

Interfaith Works Emergency Overnight Shelter

Interfaith Works’ mission is “to advance the social inclusion and empowerment of people experiencing homelessness through innovative practices of sheltering, and mental health and emergency basic needs coordination.” It provides nightly shelter and support services for highly vulnerable single adults, couples and their pets. It also operates a winter warming center that serves an average of 100 people per day. It is located at 701 Franklin St. SE, Olympia; phone number is 360-918-8424.

Donations can be dropped off at the shelter door, below the stairs in the parking lot, from 4-6 p.m. Monday, Wednesday or Friday. To arrange a drop off time, call or email Meg Martin at 360-545-3176 or meg@iwshelter.org.

The agency needs:

Bedding: Light-medium machine washable blankets, sleeping bags (heavy, waterproof), and tarps of all sizes.

Personal hygiene and toiletry items: Toilet paper and paper towels; razors and deodorant for both men and women; feminine hygiene products; toothbrushes, floss and other dental hygiene supplies; pocket or small combs; foot powder; and handwarmers.

Snacks: Coffee (regular and decaf), herbal tea, creamer and Cup Noodles.

Kitchen: mugs, to-go mugs, plastic water cups.

Office supplies: Printer paper, Sharpie permanent markers, paper clips, thumb tacks, safety pins.

Clothing: Coats (warm, waterproof, all sizes), long underwear for men and women of all sizes, socks, gloves and hats.

Lewis Mason Thurston Area Agency on Aging

Information and Assistance/Case Management, a program of the Lewis-Mason-Thurston Area Agency on Aging, connects vulnerable adults with information and social and health services to help them remain in their homes. Most clients are very low-income and have severe impairments affecting their ability to do basic day-to-day activities. They need warm clothing, pet care, and household or personal care items.

To make a donation to one of these individuals, or to make a general donation to the agency’s Special Assistance Fund, contact the information and assistance specialist in your county. The Thurston County Information and Assistance Specialist is Amanda Neville at 360-664-3162, ext. 133. Call Amanda before purchasing items for specific individuals to be certain the client you have chosen hasn’t already been provided for by others.

The agency is at 2404 Heritage Court SW, Olympia.

All new and unwrapped donations must be received during designated hours, no later than Dec. 13, to ensure delivery to the clients by Christmas. Hours are 1-3 p.m. Monday, Dec. 5; 10 a.m.- noon Tuesday, Dec. 6; 1-3 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 8; 10 a.m.-noon and 2-4 p.m. Dec. 13.

Donations are tax-deductible and allow the agency to fill unmet needs.

Client 1: A woman in her 60s who requires a wheelchair because of a lower limb amputation needs an annual bus pass.

Client 2: A man in his 60s who lives alone and enjoys the company of his two pet birds would appreciate a Petco gift card for pet items or a Shopko gift card for household items.

Client 3: A man in his 50s who is legally blind, and lives with his adult son, teenage daughter and dog on a very limited income would appreciate a Petco gift card for dog needs or a Safeway gift card for groceries.

Client 4: A woman in her mid-50s who suffers from COPD and diabetes-related health problems has two cats and a dog living with her in a small trailer with restricted heat. She would appreciate a new cat litter box and food for her pets, as well as a warm robe and indoor slippers.

Client 5: A woman in her 80s who lives alone with her two cats in a small apartment suffers from back and joint pain as well as early-stage dementia. She would appreciate a donation of wet or dry cat food and litter.

Client 6: A woman in her 50s with diabetes and kidney failure lives on a fixed income and has one cat. She would appreciate a gift card to PetSmart for cat supplies or a gift card to Walmart for warm winter clothing.

Client 7: A man in his late 50s who has breathing problems as well as other health concerns lives alone with his dog. He would appreciate a small, lightweight vacuum cleaner to keep pet hair under control.

Client 8: A man in his 40s who lives alone with his dog has chronic mental health issues. A donation of a sturdy vacuum cleaner would be appreciated so that he is able to keep dog hair under control.

Client 9: A woman in her late 30s who suffers from schizophrenia, depression and anxiety would be grateful for a donation of adult coloring books (fashion or fairy-themed), colored pencils, gel pens, shirts or sweatshirts size 2XL, hair accessories (hairbrush, headbands, hair ties), ankle socks and/or shoes/slippers size 8.5.

Client 10: A woman in her 70s who uses a wheelchair would appreciate warm booties, a blanket for her lap or any gift cards.

Client 11: A woman in her 60s who suffers from arthritis, diabetes and other health concerns needs new clothing due to recent weight loss caused by health issues. She would appreciate clothing size large or extra-large or a gift card to Walmart to purchase clothing and groceries.

Client 12: A woman in her mid-40s who suffers from PTSD, anxiety and endometriosis has just moved into housing with her teenage daughter after living in a shelter. They would appreciate a donation of queen-sized bedding and blankets, a Walmart gift card, a hand mixer or clothing for her daughter size small/medium.

Client 13: A woman in her mid-50s who has MS, COPD, and scoliosis and depends on a wheelchair would appreciate an electric razor so she can independently perform some of her personal care.

Client 14: A woman in her 50s who suffers from depression and diabetes would greatly appreciate a Happy Lite to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Client 15: A woman in her late 50s with heart complications living on a low income loves the Mariners and collects keychains. She would appreciate a Mariners shirt size medium or gift cards to Safeway or Fred Meyer.

Client 16: A woman in her 80s with multiple heart problems lives alone and would love a cordless phone or a gift card.

Client 17: A woman in her 40s with mental and physical developmental disabilities would appreciate a gift card to any major retail store.

Client 18: A woman in her mid-50s with celiac disease and limited funds must eat gluten-free foods but has difficulty affording the proper diet. She would appreciate a gift card to Trader Joe’s.

Client 19: A man in his late 50s who uses a wheelchair due to a lower limb amputation lives alone and is on a low fixed income. He would appreciate a gift card to Fred Meyer so he can purchase a new belt.

Client 20: A woman in her mid-60s who lives alone and suffers from lymphedema, COPD and disc degeneration in her back would appreciate a gift card to Walmart to purchase items she needs to help alleviate the swelling in her legs.

Client 21: A single mother in her late 20s is deaf, has epilepsy and is living on a fixed income. She would appreciate a Walmart gift card to buy Christmas presents for her daughter and herself.

Client 22: A woman in her late 50s who is undergoing breast cancer treatment and suffers from COPD would appreciate a gift card to Fred Meyer or Walmart to purchase food and gifts for Christmas.

Client 23: A man in his 50s who has schizophrenia, anxiety disorder and heart failure lives alone and would appreciate a gift card to Walmart to purchase household items and food.

Client 24: A woman in her early 50s who has depression, severe PTSD and Asperger’s lives alone. Her current dryer does not function properly and she does not have the means to purchase a new one. A donation of a Visa gift card would be appreciated to help her purchase a new dryer.

Client 25: A woman in her mid-60s suffers from diabetes, renal failure, depression and low vision, and lives on a fixed low income. She would appreciate a gift card to Amazon to purchase household and personal necessities.

Client 26: A woman in her early 50s with mental health issues has limited family support and will be alone for much of the holiday season. She would appreciate a gift card to Winco Foods to purchase food for a holiday meal.

Client 27: A woman in her late 80s who is nonverbal enjoys sitting outside and completing puzzle books. She would benefit from a gift card to Walmart where she could purchase new puzzle books and some of her favorite food items.

Client 28: A woman in her late 60s who lives alone suffers from fibromyalgia, arthritis and chronic pain. She has a very small income. She would appreciate a gift card to Fred Meyer where she could purchase food and household necessities.

Client 29: A man in his mid-70s with a spinal injury that causes him to be reliant on a powered wheelchair would appreciate a gift card to Walmart to purchase more comfortable furniture.

Client 30: A woman in her mid-30s who suffers from a developmental disability recently immigrated to the United States, has no personal income and does not qualify for assistance services. A gift card to Walmart, Target or Fred Meyer would help her purchase clothing, household supplies and holiday groceries.

Client 31: A woman in her late 60s who suffers from a benign brain tumor that is causing physical decline is a recent immigrant to the U.S., has no personal income and is not able to qualify for assistance services. She would appreciate a gift card to Walmart, Target or Fred Meyer so she can purchase comfortable clothing and household necessities.

Client 32: A man in his early 80s who has glaucoma, a history of stroke and heart attacks lives with his wife, who also has health issues. The exterior door to their home is rotting at the bottom, and they cannot afford to repair it. A gift card to Home Depot would allow him to get the necessary items to repair the door.