One thing the snow didn’t cancel? Tuesday’s special election.

Tuesday’s special election is still on, despite the snow.
Tuesday’s special election is still on, despite the snow.

The winter weather that has rocked the region since last week has canceled a lot of things, but not Tuesday’s special election.

In Thurston County, Tanglewilde Parks and Recreation District No. 1 and the Yelm Community Schools have measures on the ballot.

Yelm is asking voters to approve a bond that would finance replacement of two schools, Yelm Middle School and Southworth Elementary, and make safety improvements throughout the district. A 60 percent supermajority is needed to approve the bond.

The Tanglewilde Parks and Recreation District is asking voters to renew a six-year levy not to exceed 60 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value. It would be used to maintain and operate the neighborhood’s two parks and outdoor swimming pool.

Drop boxes will close at 8 p.m. Tuesday. A list of drop boxes open for this election is at thurstonvotes.org.

Ballots that are mailed in must be postmarked by Tuesday.

As of Friday, about 28 percent of ballots had been turned in.

“I’m hoping that everybody who had a real interest in this election has already put their ballot in the box,” Thurston County Auditor Mary Hall said Monday.

Hall said her staff was coordinating with emergency managers to ensure they are able to get out to drop boxes Tuesday night. She noted since there is no provision to cancel or postpone elections under state law, election workers must plan for weather-related complications like this.

Thurston County offices were closed Monday because of the weather. For election questions, email elections@co.thurston.wa.us.