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We’ve gone green, changed our website

The Olympian's new website will launch Tuesday, July 14, 2015.
The Olympian's new website will launch Tuesday, July 14, 2015.

We’ve changed The Olympian’s website,, starting today. For one thing, we’ve gone green.

I don’t really mean that we’re becoming more environmentally friendly — although reading us on a computer, phone or tablet regularly does save some trees.

I mean, our traditional masthead is green instead of red.

We’ve moved our website from one Web publishing system to another, and we jumped at the opportunity to freshen things up a bit, including choosing a color that our staff believes is a better representation of who we are.

On the one hand, the color red has taken on what appears to be a permanent political association with those on the right. Since we strive to be neutral and objective, we thought it would be good to get away from that — and from blue, for the left, for that matter.

On the other hand, we are the capital of the Evergreen State and home to The Evergreen State College. If our community has common values, they are definitely green. We love and value our trees. We seek out practices that will sustain the community’s quality of life. We embrace policies that protect our environment.

The color also is a great symbol of our new and improved website because it will really let you GO.

I am no tech wiz, but I have had a chance to practice with the new system.

It loads faster.

Photos are bigger.

The menu is friendlier for phones and tablets.

And the whole website is responsive, meaning it will adjust to fit any screen size you use. That will be a big improvement, because about half of the people coming to our website do so using a phone or tablet these days.

One caveat: If you use one of our apps, it will remain red for a while, but will eventually go green as well.

If you read the print newspaper, nothing has changed.

If you have comments, please leave your feedback on our customer service page.

Dusti Demarest: 360-357-0206