Tumwater City Council Position No. 1

Has your vote been counted? Here’s how to check in Washington state

Washington is one of three states that send ballots in the mail to all registered voters. Here is how you can check if your vote has been counted.
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Washington is one of three states that send ballots in the mail to all registered voters. Here is how you can check if your vote has been counted.

This race will appear on the Nov. 5 general election ballot.

Leatta Dahlhoff

Age: 42

Occupation: Toxics Reduction Specialist

Have you run for public office before? If so, for what office?


Please list any other experience you think is relevant to the position you are running for.

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Leatta Dahlhoff Courtesy photo Leatta Dahlhoff

Member, Zonta Club of Olympia

2016 – 2018 Lt. Governor, Zonta Club of Olympia

Member, Women United

Volunteer Coordinator, Expanding Your Horizons Thurston County

Board Member, Senior Services for South Sound

Co-Chair, Senior Services for South Sound Advocacy Committee

Board Member, Homes First

Former Chair, Interagency Committee of State Employed Women

Former Board Member, YWCA of Olympia

Former Chair, YWCA of Olympia Advocacy Committee

Why are you running for this position?

I am running for Tumwater Council, because Tumwater is my home. I have lived and worked in this community almost my entire life. My passion for this community has led me to be involved on many levels and has given me the ability to truly meet people where they are. Our community needs a sustainable plan for the future, one that promotes growth, and one that preserves and protects the character of our community. We can accomplish the goals we have by working together and bringing everyone to the table.

What are the top three issues you see facing the district you are running to represent?

In Tumwater, we face many of the same problems that larger cities around the Puget Sound region face. The big three I suspect are homelessness, economic growth, and environment. We can solve the complex issues surrounding homelessness by promoting a regional cooperative approach that provides for proper resources and access to those resources. That is only the first step of course, as we also need to address livable wage jobs and affordability. Economic growth stems from investments in both people and in business. We can ensure that organized labor has a seat at the table when negotiating contracts and preparing for growth with new infrastructure and updating the old. Finally, we have to be thoughtful in our long-term planning. Sustainability is more than parks and green spaces. It is building a future that puts things like wastewater management, pollution, and habitat first. These are only some of the issues we need to address, but definitely three of the most important.

Pamela J. Hanson

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