Tumwater City Council Position No. 2

This race will appear on the Nov. 5 general election ballot.

Tom Oliva

Age: 60

Occupation: Business Development Specialist, WA State Parks

Have you run for public office before? If so, for what office?

I have previously run for this position and have held the office for ten years.

Please list any other experience you think is relevant to the position you are running for.

Oliva 2019 crop small - olyguy2000.jpg
Tom Oliva Courtesy photo Tom Oliva

I have been a Tumwater resident for 23 years, a career civil servant and a volunteer on numerous community and non-profit boards for the environment, social services and historic preservation.

Why are you running for this position?

I am running to preserve the high quality of life in our community and to help us successfully face the challenges of the future. I will bring together elected officials, other civic leaders and people from all walks of life to discuss issues and solve our community’s problems.

What are the top three issues you see facing the district you are running to represent?

Affordable housing is a crisis in Tumwater and beyond. We need to find ways to increase the supply of affordable housing and to help people afford housing, as well as ways to keep people in their homes.

We have members of our community who find themselves homeless on city streets and in undeveloped areas. This is a problem across our county and across our country. We must work to connect vulnerable people to social services, safe emergency accommodations and a path forward.

Climate change is the defining threat of our time, and calls for everyone to do their part to lower our collective carbon footprint. I represent Tumwater on a multi-jurisdictional task force to develop a plan to reduce carbon emissions in Thurston County. Together we can reduce the impacts of climate change.

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