Olympia City Council Position No. 3

Candidates are listed in the order they will appear on the Aug. 6 primary ballot.

Matt Goldenberg

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Matt Goldenberg Courtesy photo Matt Goldenberg

Occupation: Clinical Psychologist

Have you run for public office before? If so, for what office?


Please list any other experience you think is relevant to the position you are running for.

King County Mobile Crisis Team MemberNeighborCare Homeless Youth Clinic Mental Health CounselorSeattle Counseling Services Board MemberSPSCC ProfessorRacial/gender equity consultant

Why are you running for this position?

My career as a Psychologist qualifies my certainty that our greatest need is to connect with each other. I want to see a city council that will work with open hearts and open hands. I want to see a city council that is represented by we the people- us who have been marginalized, us who have been in the field supporting others, and us who have been desperate for change. I want to see a city council that emphasizes trust from the public is to be earned and that we can connect when we honor every truth.

What are the top three issues you see facing the district you are running to represent?

Housing first: The city of Olympia has described itself as being in a state of emergency, thus we need show a better emergency response plan. The housing first principle is correct, it suggests lower barrier housing as the first step in a long line of interventions. Therefore I am running for city council: I would be the only member who has both direct service experience and has expertise in treating trauma. Trauma-informed policy means that we consider how each proposal will benefit or harm others, and we consider who is benefits and who does not.

Racial/gender equity: I am very concerned that as we discuss our housing needs we are not using a full lens to see that for many individuals, their housing crisis is founded in multiple and overlapping disparities.

Climate justice: Olympia has a set of major tasks ahead to take better care of the environment while protecting vulnerable humans and other animals. We need to mobilize our efforts on preparing better for flood in our housing and commercial designs. I support moving Capitol Lake to an estuary and I embrace the ability to increase solar power use in our projects.

Boudicca Walsh

No response

Dani Madrone

Dani Madrone-29 - Dani Madrone.jpg
Dani Madrone Courtesy photo Dani Madrone

Occupation: Puget Sound Recovery Coordinator

Have you run for public office before? If so, for what office?

Precinct Committee Officer for Thurston County Democrats (precinct 213)

Please list any other experience you think is relevant to the position you are running for.

I have a degree from the Evergreen State College in science and sustainability, and a Master of Public Administration in public policy. I currently have a career in Puget Sound recovery working on behalf of tribes. I have served on the board of the Olympia Food Co-op and The Olympian Editorial Board, and have volunteered with many other local organizations. I am trained in government-to-government relations, community needs assessment, mediation, and public outreach. I host a podcast that explores issues in Olympia with the goal of strengthening our public discourse.

Why are you running for this position?

I want people to see the Olympia City Council as a partner in solving our biggest challenges. I have over a decade of experience working in the local community on issues of climate change, housing, sustainable transportation, farmland preservation, ecosystem recovery, and civics. Through this experience, I have developed a network of collaborative relationships and a comprehensive perspective on the issues we face. Over the years, I have been asked by many people to run for city council. I am heeding that call to bring my experience, passion, and problem-solving skills to address the pressing issues of our times.

What are the top three issues you see facing the district you are running to represent?

The most pressing issues in Olympia are homelessness and housing, climate change and the environment, and strong neighborhoods and better conversations.

Homelessness is a complex regional crisis. The city has responded with a variety of approaches. I will incorporate performance measurement into a crisis management plan so we can determine our impact. Olympia is also becoming less and less affordable for low to median income families. I will advocate for diverse housing so everyone can find a home that is right for them.

From climate change to Puget Sound recovery, I will make decisions based in science. Climate change is real, human behavior is the cause, and we must take action to reduce our impact and respond to changing conditions. In the plan to address our impact, I will advocate for bold actions. As we plan for neighborhoods, parks, transportation, and sea level rise, I will weave environmental stewardship throughout the city.

Between residents and the city, competing groups, or neighbor to neighbor, better conversations make better decisions. Local government should help people find shared interests and values. With my skills as a community organizer, I will find new and creative ways for people to engage in city issues.

Dani Madrone was previously a member of The Olympian’s editorial board.

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