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    Saving our planet is everybody’s business

    Washingtonians should be proud of our congressional delegation for leading the effort to stop development of North America’s largest open-pit mine upstream from Alaska’s Bristol Bay. The copper and molybdenum mine would irreparably damage a 15 million salmon run.


    NFL lagging on domestic violence discipline

    The NFL suspends players for four games for a DUI conviction, more for smoking marijuana and sometimes season-long evictions for repeated use of performance enhancing drugs. But for beating a woman unconscious, perhaps within inches of her life, Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice will sit out a disgraceful...


    State lawmakers failed our school children

    Later next week, Thurston County school districts will send letters to parents of students telling them that their school is failing because not every child passed math or reading tests. What the letters will not say is that because state Democratic lawmakers gave in to pressure from the teacher...


    Elect Pulsipher, Olsen for PUD commission

    Although the Thurston Public Utility District is a little-known and frequently misunderstood water district serving residents in multiple counties, it has drawn the most candidates seeking office in the South Sound primary election on Aug. 5. Seven individuals are running for two positions. Voters...


    Congress punts shamefully on highway funding

    Here’s how ridiculous Congress has become: In order to avert the nation’s Highway Trust Fund from going broke, shutting down countless road projects and throwing 700,000 people out of work, the U.S. House approved a 10-month patch with money that may or may not exist.


    Congress: pass ban on LGBT discrimination

    On Tuesday, President Obama fulfilled a six-year-old campaign promise to protect people working for federal contractors from discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. It was a welcome, if long overdue, executive order made necessary by the failure of Congress to pass legislation...


    Fund forest health to minimize fire damage

    Wildfires burning through Central Washington have destroyed more than 150 houses and forced other families to evacuate. One man has died from a heart attack while trying to save his home. It’s a grim reminder that the Northwest is vulnerable to devastating natural disasters. And the driest...


    McMorris Rodgers: Outlier on Export-Import Bank

    Labor and industry have set aside their differences to urge Congress to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank before its charter expires on Sept. 20, as they have done for 80 years. The bank is so important to the U.S. economy that 41 U.S. House Republicans signed a letter of support for reauthorization...


    Love oysters? Help seed Budd Inlet

    The ninth annual Olympia Harbor-Budd Inlet Oyster Seed Project on July 26 needs your help again this year. A $35 contribution purchases a 30-pound bag of 300 oyster shells containing five seeds per shell, which volunteers plant around the inlet and harbor. Each oyster filters up to 50 gallons of...


    Expand, don’t dilute, UW medical school

    It was a revolutionary concept in 1971 when the University of Washington School of Medicine pioneered the nation’s first collaborative medical school with the University of Alaska and Washington State University. The goal was to expand UW’s world-class medical school to train new doctors...

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