Game review: ‘Just Cause 4,’ chaotic good

Avalanche Studios has consistently upped the ante with each entry of "Just Cause" and the latest shift is, essentially, tossing all of the previous upgrades into a weather-powered blender. "Just Cause 4" is using the new Apex engine and the developers are using the engine's power and flexibility to add four extreme weather conditions to the series' high-speed and malleable action.


See rock and polka too

Classical music, bread and water are all some people need. But if your appetites range more widely, Cleveland stands ready with rock and polka, beer and pirogis.


New York states of mind

It seems fitting to quote lyrics from Leonard Bernstein's 1944 Broadway musical "On The Town," considering that this year is the centenary of his blessed birth: particularly so, since I just spent four days in New York. So here it goes: "New York, New York, a helluva town, The Bronx is up, but the Battery's down."


Seeking the wild side of Maui? Easy, it’s everywhere

I wanted to find wild Maui, so naturally, I piled my family into a rental car for a five-hour drive on a narrow road with single-lane bridges and curves so sharp that I sometimes lost sight of the pavement – and oncoming cars. Horns and brakes get a workout on this roadway. Knuckles turn white. And, still, I decided that it was our path to paradise, remote Maui where Hawaiians outnumber haoles (aka mainlanders), horses graze on oceanside pastures and the landscape drips with verdant beauty.


Five facts about the North Cascades Highway

The Washington State Department of Transportation clears the North Cascades Highway each spring to allow travelers access to the high road that links Whatcom and Skagit counties with Okanogan County. Here are five facts about the highway.

Hearst Castle’s famous Neptune Pool filled with water after millions spent on repairs

The Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle was refilled with 345,000 gallons of water in August 2018 after a $5.4 million renovation project which began in mid-May 2016 in San Luis Obispo County, California.