State Workers

State Workers

State workers, police and firefighter pensions lose in Senate GOP budget

GOP leaders in the state Senate have proposed saving the state about $250 million by rejecting most of the labor contracts Gov. Jay Inslee’s office negotiated with 38 employee unions. But state law gives the Legislature power only to approve labor contracts negotiated with state employees in full, or reject them entirely. Lawmakers can’t alter them, something that has irked Republicans for years.


Would Initiative 1501 protect the elderly, a powerful union — or both?

Billed as a way to prevent fraud against the elderly, Initiative 1501 would increase penalties for those who steal the identities of seniors and other vulnerable adults, while shielding those individuals’ personal information from public disclosure. But opponents of the measure say it’s really about protecting caregivers’ unions from a conservative group that is looking to siphon off union members.

This man and his cat became the faces of Florence and a story of resilience and hope

A photograph of Robert Simmons Jr. and a kitten, Survivor, in a flooded New Bern, NC, neighborhood, went viral during Hurricane Florence. Here is what happened to Simmons and the cat after the picture was taken.