Black Friday may be losing its allure

REI, the purveyor of outdoor gear, made a commendable decision to keep its stores and even its website closed on Black Friday. It gave its 12,000 employees a paid day off, and encouraged both employees and customers to go do something outdoors with friends and family. Many state and national parks followed up with free day passes for those taking REI’s advice.REI deserved the great publicity it got for doing this, but the truth is that Black Friday may be fading from its former glory as more people shop online, and more retailers start offering deals even before Thanksgiving.


President’s test edict has promise - but with big if

The president says it’s time to limit time kids spend taking tests in public schools to no more than 2 percent of class time.

A backlash against excessive testing is warranted

We worry this may take us away from promising students they’ll graduate knowing how to read and write and do math


Let us not forget our humanity in refugee crisis

Last week’s deadly terror strikes in Paris were an attack on all of humanity.

Resisting hysteria and fear in times like this takes effort – as other nations have learned

Gov. Jay Inslee is right to say Syrian refugees who get through immigration vetting can settle here


Sports fantasy betting needs closer look

State Sen. Michael Baumgartner, R-Spokane, thinks Washington should consider legalizing the popular activity

In fantasy sports players pick real professional athletes for their own teams and win based on their chosen athletes’ performance

The New York attorney general issued orders to shut down two big fantasy game outlets Tuesday

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Obama deserves answer on immigration policy

Federal appeals court has upheld a ruling against President Obama’s executive actions on immigration

26 states sued to stop the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents program

The administration plans an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court; case affects up to 4 million immigrants