US should not disengage from Cuba

Though the death of Fidel Castro is certainly not the end of tyranny on the island, it is imperative that the United States learn from history and engage effectively with Cuba with the aim of encouraging greater freedoms.



The Olympian is looking for a pool of diverse candidates for the position of community member of the Editorial Board in 2017. This role involves weekly attendance at board meetings and helping to shape editorial positions.


State Need Grant deserves a boost

Washington’s universities, community colleges and technical colleges are joining forces on a few common budget goals in the next year. One important focus is on the State Need Grant program.


War over charter schools should end in Washington

A courtroom is a place in which litigants debate, contest and resolve pressing legal matters. It is not a forum for political fodder and gamesmanship, although that principle will be tested in the case of El Centro de la Raza v. Washington state.


Congress must break logjam over biomass

Washingtonians take climate change seriously. Our laws reflect that, by counting renewable biomass energy from our forests as climate-friendly in part because we sustain our working forests. But gridlock in the other Washington threatens to cripple investments essential to our state’s climate policy. Congress could change this.


Downtown Olympia: the game is already changing

The morning former Olympia planning commissioner Jerry Parker left for the Montana bike trip on which he would pass away, he raised a question with friends about Olympia’s ongoing downtown strategy: “What is the one game-changing project that downtown needs and should be added to the strategy?”


Projects sharpen sea-rise questions

A proposal to develop a portion of Port of Olympia land near the lower East Bay part of Budd Inlet may put a better spotlight on the threat of climate change and sea-level rise in the capital city. So might talk of a downtown courthouse.


Arizona is cautionary tale for Trump

He was Donald Trump before Trump – his political godfather. The racial profiling, the authoritarian streak, the robust defense of easily refutable lies – all are part of the repertoire of Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona.


Port commission needs to chill

When E.J. Zita and Joe Downing were elected to the Olympia Port Commission last fall, we had hoped they could bring sharper scrutiny of port decisions and actions and also be a voice for transparency.

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Drug court graduation 2016

Jeffrey Warner of Olympia is honored along with fellow 2106 DUI/Drug Court graduates in Thurston County Superior Court.
Tony Overman toverman@theolympian.com
Drug court graduation 2016 2:55

Drug court graduation 2016

Pete Carroll on Seahawks' return to health 2:55

Pete Carroll on Seahawks' return to health

Fishers released to a snowy forest on Mount Rainier 0:47

Fishers released to a snowy forest on Mount Rainier

DC Kris Richard on the returns of Michael Bennett, Earl Thomas and DeShawn Shead 1:59

DC Kris Richard on the returns of Michael Bennett, Earl Thomas and DeShawn Shead