New data show more people in Washington getting health care

UNINSURED RATE FALLS: A report from state Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler says that the share of Washington residents without health insurance has been cut in half since 2012. That’s a huge gain. The Affordable Care Act is credited with the decrease.


Paint recycling bill can reduce waste, create jobs

Paint. It is a product that many Washingtonians have sitting in their basement, barn or garage. Currently, we are instructed to dry out leftover latex paint and throw it in the garbage. This is wasteful and harmful to the environment. We are currently losing a valuable resource in leftover paint that can be recycled and re-sold into the marketplace. The Washington State Legislature should pass the paint stewardship bill so we have a statewide paint recycling program.


Deadly force bills deserve consideration

Washington is alone in requiring proof an officer acted with malice before bringing criminal charges

High profile cases have raised new questions about what is proper use of deadly force

In the end balance is needed that protects police against spurious claims and suspects from excessive force


Tumwater craft brewing center holds promise

The community, which was home to Olympia Brewing Co. for a century, has authentic beer heritage

$3 million of state funds needed to buy land for a future craft brewing and distilling education center

South Puget Sound Community College would later seek $30 million to build the education center


Support schools: Vote yes for Feb. 9 levies

Eight school districts across Thurston County are depending on voters to approve property tax levies

Lawmakers’ work on school funding reform won’t eliminate need for levies any time soon

Without property tax support districts could need to reduce staffing in future school years