Should our leaders pay for extortion?

We detect a troubling development in Washington state politics. Call it the rise of extortion politics – as in, give me what I want or I’ll really hurt you. First case in point is professional initiative promoter Tim Eyman. He’s back this year with hardball tactics on a tax-restricting proposal, Initiative 1366. Similarly, Senate Republicans put a ‘poison pill’ in the new transportation tax package to block certain executive actions on climate change.


GOP embracing many versions of Reaganism

The Republican Party has a bigger problem than Donald Trump: It hasn’t figured out what it wants to be. GOP candidates still worship the legacy of Ronald Reagan, and cast themselves as Reagan’s heirs; there’s hardly a GOP stump speech in Iowa or New Hampshire that doesn’t invoke the 40th president’s name. But there’s little consensus among conservatives about what Reaganism means in 2015 beyond small government and lower taxes.


Alzheimer’s burden on Medicare growing

Current quibbling over what Jeb Bush meant when he said it’s time to phase out and replace Medicare – as opposed to “attacking the seniors,” as one woman at a recent event bellowed out – will soon seem quaint against the realities of our future.


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