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On Gardening: Fuzzy deutzia, a cascade of showy spring flowers

A deutzia renaissance is how my friend Dr. Gerald Klingaman, retired horticulturist, with the University of Arkansas, wrote about this new love that is occurring for this fuzzy heirloom that has been around for ages. If you haven't discovered the old-fashioned fuzzy deutzia, then make it a high priority, your landscape deserves it.


San Francisco celebrates 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Summer of Love. There will be many stories written and told about it. This almost certainly will be the only such story that won't mention singer Scott McKenzie and the John Phillips lyric, "If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair."


72 hours in Atlanta

I never had a yearning to visit Atlanta. It just wasn't a city on my radar. I'd flown through it a few times on my way to other cities, but hadn't ever considered it as a travel destination. But when my mother, sister and I were trying to decide where to meet up for our annual girls' weekend, we decided, why not try out Atlanta? Flights to the city are cheap from Los Angeles and New York, our respective towns, and in February the weather was perfect for a visit.


St. Marks Place – three famous, hip blocks of New York City

Early on a mild September morning, an elderly man on a black bicycle meanders along the paths of Tompkins Square Park, in New York's East Village. A cassette tape player balanced on the bicycle's crossbar plays tinny Asian music that grows louder as he approaches and then fainter as he pedals away. The only other sound is birdsong.

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Style at Home: Designer beds: 6 looks to wow you

I love being a part of a small, locally owned store, with all the freedom and opportunities that provides for us to let our creativity run wild. At the big chain home interiors stores, the look is dictated by the corporate office, but our designers are always experimenting, keeping our store fresh and new. To fuel their fires, I issued a Designers Challenge, asking each designer to create her dream bed for spring. Not surprisingly, their work blew me away and illustrated how to bring your personality and interests to life through bedding. Take a look ...

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How to be a better flower photographer

When photographing flowers, go for the close-up. Lean in to allow the flower to fill the frame, watching that your camera (or, more likely, smartphone) doesn't cast a shadow over your subject. If possible, stand above the flower and shoot down into its petals, focusing on the bloom's center.

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Want to clean your home without hurting the planet? Here's where to start

Personal hygiene and a clean home prevent the spread of germs, which is essential to our health, yet the majority of household cleaning products contain chemical ingredients with adverse health effects that also harm the environment. Some brands even contain cancer-causing toxins like formaldehyde and benzene. How's that for a doozy of a catch-22? Although it sounds like a pretty bleak situation, there are many organic household cleaning products and brands that help you scrub away the dirt without leaving an even bigger metaphorical mess behind.


Vaccines by the Numbers: A public health achievement

Between 2001 and 2010, the United States saw big declines in the number of cases of vaccine-preventable diseases. Because of this, vaccines are one of the top public health achievements of the decade.
Center for Disease Control
Vaccines by the Numbers: A public health achievement 0:46

Vaccines by the Numbers: A public health achievement

Starbucks barista begs people to not order the new Unicorn Frappuccino 1:39

Starbucks barista begs people to not order the new Unicorn Frappuccino

Distracted driving PSA: 'Famous Last Words' 0:32

Distracted driving PSA: 'Famous Last Words'

Food Truck Lobby Day serves hundreds at the Capitol on Thursday 0:57

Food Truck Lobby Day serves hundreds at the Capitol on Thursday